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 A week at Lonesome Spur

Lonnie with Cash

Gathering in the Fall

Mike Pence with Lonnie & Elaine

Waiting for the Vice President


Wrangler Glen and his Gang 2022

Guests helping drive cattle

Round up time

Guests having moved cattle

Gathering in the snow

Lonnie pushing cattle

Branding Steers

Branding in the Spring

Lonnie roping calves 

Ladies at Branding

Highland Cattle on The Pryor Mountains

Ropers hands

Hot Spring in Yellowstone

Top of Cottonwood

Lonnie with his best friend 'Itty Bitty'

Elaine & Mighty winning in Las Vegas 2019

Guests in the Pryors

Elaine running in Las Vegas

Guests at the Barn

Cloud formation in Yellowstone

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