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What a Holiday!

What an amazing week! We were greeted by Elaine and Jane and headed straight to the ranch shop for the all important cowboy hats and cowboy boots! We then went to a roping competition and began to get a feel for life on a ranch. Unfortunately the weather on the second day was rainy but Elaine ensured that we did not miss out - we visited Custer’s Last Stand and learnt about the culture and history of Montana. The rest the week was glorious sunshine and we rode for around 4-5 hours each day in different areas including several rides around the beautiful ranch (including riding up the mountain), a morning ride at Cottonwood and an all day ride around the Pryor Mountains! As keen riders we wanted to do as much varied riding as possible and Elaine, Lonnie and Jane made that…

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Date of stay: May 2019

LK Nokes wrote a review Jun 2019


Fall in Montana

Another great trip to the Lonesome Spur Ranch this time for the gathering. Great riding both in Cottonwood, pleasure, and up on the Priors bring the cattle and calves down to be sorted. Stayed in one of the cabins this time and really enjoyed it. Food was very good with the new chef and never went hungry. Horses as always great with new ones being brought on. Looking forward to going back in the spring and helping with branding, weather permitting.




Unforgettable Dude Ranch Trip!

Hands down, the best family trip we've ever taken was to the Lonesome Spur Ranch! Lonnie and Elaine were incredible hosts to my 9 and 10 year old boys, wife, and me, and the scenery while riding was amazing. There is barely a day that goes by that we don't talk about our experiences. I can't recommend it enough to those with at least moderate riding experience!

Thanks again Lonnie and Elaine!

Tom F. 


A Real Ranch Experience

This was my 3rd trip to the Lonesome Spur Ranch and each time was better than the last. The last thing I wanted in a ranch was a "dude ranch", I wanted to gather, saddle and bridle my own horse. I wanted to ride in areas that are not much differant than they were a hundred or so years ago. I wanted to work with real cowboys, ranchers and ranch families for a true ranch experience. I wanted meals and accomidations that a cowboy would have, no worry about wearing my boots or working clothes anywhere. The participation in round ups, seperating bulls, branding calves were the real deal and we were able to participate as much or as little as we wanted. The trips to the different ranges (pastures) and mountain ranges were breathtaking and being on the Crow reservation land made me feel like I was a hundred years back in time. Elaine and Lonnie were great hosts, the wranglers did a great job with all the guests no matter on ability or riding expertise. I got great tips on my riding, caring for my horse, and Lonnie taught me to throw a rope, still practicing. This ranch is exactly what I wanted and mostly what I thought it would be before I arrived. If you are looking for a Ranch Life experience I highly reccomend The Lonesome Spur. PS Bring rain gear, sometimes it rains in Montana. Hoping to head back this fall. 2019


Another Fabulous Holiday

Can't wait for my next trip. Although I have been to Lonesome Spur over the years each trip is so different.  I've even taken part in a barrel race or two and won, granted just the 5d as its called but an experience nevertheless.  Looking forward to 2020.

Thanks to Lonnie, Elaine, Mary and Jim for a great time and not forgetting Randell and Star in the Pryors.




Unforgettable trip

A friend, my daughter and I went to Lonesome Spur Ranch last summer 2017. 
Elaine, Lonnie and Mary are wonderful persons. Horses are so nice and beautiful.
We rode above Cottonwood, then had a little trip to the Pryor Mountain where we camp. Wonderful place to feel like a real cowboy as in movies :)). Having running barrel lesson, and also how to keep cows together, very funny by the way. Then we went to Cody where we saw a rodeo. We felt like true cowgirls. 
Good home made food. A lunch pack for trails was proposed and we had dinner all together.
This ranch is a wonderful place to stay with welcoming people and ride nice horses. Unforgettable experience and for sure we will be back but this time for 2 weeks. 
Many thanks to Elaine, Lonnie and Mary for their hospitality and kindness.

Silvia & Emma from Switzerland





















​Lonesome Spur

An unbelievable coincidence brought me to this ranch, today I am happy & grateful to have found the Lonesome Spur Ranch. This place is so enchanting and lives from its charm and the warmth and openness of the owners, Elaine & Lonnie. If you want, you are right in the middle of the ranch happenings and not just a guest.
The handling of the horses is great - they live as they should, in a large herd with lots of space. At the beginning every rider is given an introduction and a suitable horse will be found. The right horse is found for every rider - whether beginner, amateur or professional, children or adults.. It is also great that the horses are taken into consideration - their time-outs are also observed. This is not the case everywhere!
We had wonderful rides in Cottonwoods or the Pryor Mountains with an overnight stay in the camp including a campfire and BBQ. These landscapes, these expanses, this endless sky - really fantastic.
The cabins are beautifully furnished in western style, rustic & cozy and I slept wonderfully - comfortably, satisfied and happy from the impressions during the day. Meals are eaten together in the cookhouse. They are versatile, freshly prepared and simply delicious. I love breakfast ...
I've been here 3 times, met a lot of interesting people with great stories from different parts of the world. I am looking forward to the next time.
There are also excursion possibilities: the Crow Reserve, the Wild Horses or Cody with his rodeos are just a few

Tanja Stanchly 2019



















Just Wonderful

Since many years I go back with a group to Lonesome Spur Ranch. It is my second  
home. I always enjoy to be with Lonnie and Elaine. It is like family! It is real Ranch life! We are riding up in the mountains to move cattle. We have overnight camps in Pryor Mountains. Just great and peacful! It is always a big adventure. Mirjam, Switzerland 2019









A real Montana Adventure!!

I had only 3 short days, booked at very late notice..but even so: the highlight of my year. The people are down to earth, real, and they really love their horses - they are incredibly well cared for, fit and was wonderful to see how they respected their animals, and knew the wildlife and weather like the back of their hand. This really made it for me. They work very hard and this is not a luxury holiday - its an experience. Do not expect a gin and tonic and a groom, but a real Montanan adventure :-)
Lonnie is an absolute gentleman, the real deal. A twinkle in his eye and a great man for a story. His way with the animals is very special. 
Meeting pioneer woman Star up on the Pryor Mountains and hearing tales about the bears and the mountain life over a beer and some smores under the stars...priceless. A seven hour cattle drive the next day not for the faint horse Ben didn't like getting his feet wet lol but he was totally fearless with the cattle, unflappable. A great horse, kinda fell in love. Wildlife spotted up in the Pryors included a big black bear running away from us over a valley, lots of different deer and antelope, wild horses aren't far off - a unique place. 
I'd actually never ridden western before (not much of this in Ireland), and now I can't wait to go back again. Thanks to Mary who was cook and looked out for me as a last minute guest. An incredible adventure, still pals with folks I met for only 3 days! Can't wait to go back.


A week to remember forever!

Elaine, Lonnie and Jane really made a dream come true - all three made the week thoroughly enjoyable. Safety for both the horse and rider was seen as a priority, and time was taken to match each rider’s ability and preference to the horse, as well as teaching us how to ride in a western style (as we had all only done traditional English riding). Unfortunately we had one rainy day where we were unable to ride, but we were able to visit Custer’s Last Stand which was very insightful – great thought had been undertaken to ensure the day was not wasted. 

On the other days, a range of riding was provided, around the ranch itself and over the beautiful landscapes of Montana. Being keen riders, we were able to get involved around the ranch (including rounding the horses up each morning, a personal highlight, grooming, and saddling the horses) and were able to ride for around 4 hours a day which was perfect. 

The cabins were comfortable and authentic which made the experience even better, and the food was tasty and in abundance - very American (which was greatly needed after a full day of riding).  

Overall a fantastic week. I would highly recommend the Lonesome Spur Ranch and hope to be back in the near future. 


Little Piece of Heaven

We have just returned from The Lonesome Spur Ranch and can only describe it as an unforgettable experience. So much so, that we re-scheduled our flights and stayed an extra 3 days! (It would have been longer but we had to return home to work)!!

It is a working ranch so be prepared to turn your hand to anything. If you want to know what the schedule is going to be days in advance, this is not the place for you. Activities can change from day to day depending if another ranch needs help moving cattle or to take part in a round -up for branding. You look after your horse from getting it in from the corral, brushing and tacking up and helping to load/unload from the trailer. We were privileged to take part in several round-ups where the Ranchers treated us with the upmost respect, curtesy, and thanked us for our help. However it is not all physical work and Lonnie and Elaine are more than happy to take you to the shops for boots, a stetson, or for pressies to take home. 
The Montana scenery is breathtaking, whether it is the vast plains, the Beartooth and Prior Mountains or Cottonwood Pass.
Elaine and Lonnie are wonderful hosts, and are always on hand if you need advice, or just want to pick their brains about the cowboy way. The food was fresh, home made and plentiful .
The horses are fit, sure footed and well cared for. The Horses are chosen to the riders ability and we both fell in love with ours and wanted to take them home.
We met some lovely people which made the holiday even more special and we hope to stay in touch and meet up with them at the ranch in the future.
It is a testament to Elaine, Lonnie (and horses!) that we were planning our next trip back before we got on the retun flight home.

Susan and Lucy
The Two Scots Girls 
Argyll Scotland




Sam Lewis is feeling inspired with Kathryn Lancaster


Wow what a fantastic week we've had!! A total cowgirl experience that exceeded our expectations! We've herded, drove and branded cattle. Rode and slept in the mountains. Even been to a Rodeo. We've not stopped! We've ticked boxes and more. We all live once so follow your dreams and tick those boxes!!!

9 June 2019 


I wanted a genuine ranch experience. Nothing too fancy, small groups, good food and a easygoing people. I wasn't disappointed. Lonnie and Elaine make sure each guest has the experience they want. We did cattle work and trail rides as well as day trips to local sites. You come in as a stranger and leave as a friend.

Kristi Stevens


Incredible time at Lonesome Spur, unforgettable. Such respect and love for the amazing horses and animals in your care, amazing humans too!

Suzanne Savage 


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